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In a metro πŸš„

It was a regular day. She was hurrying up to go for work.

She was worried as she was late that day. She was running towards the metro to board the train before it leaves.

It was a busy metro buzzing with people going to their different destinations, planning their day and checking their mobiles.

Some sitting and some standing, some in delight and some in distress. Some looking forward to their day, some dreading it.

She boarded the train just before it started and was hurriedly looking here and there, gasping for breath. In the midst of the busy metro train, she heard a voice.

The dearest voice to her heart. She heard the voice call her name. When she lifted her head, there he was. Unexpectedly on the same train and was standing in the same compartment which she boarded.

Meeting him in the morning this way surprisingly was a delight to her eyes and her face brightened with a heartful smile. His sight and voice stopped the world around and gave her new energy to face the day ahead.

In that metro train with hundreds of people boarding and getting down at each stop, two people’s eyes locked and started their days with a spark.

She got down at her stop and walked off to work with a happily swelling heart! ❀

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