My thoughts

Give and get

What should I give and what will I get you ask? πŸ€”

I meant forgive and forget.

Not for anyone else but for yourself. We can’t sleep peacefully with a grudge or pain hovering in our mind 😠

Someone might have given you pain

They might have shattered your heart

They might have broken your trust

They might have caused you harm

But holding all the pain and anger in your heart will cause further damage to it.. πŸ’”

It will disturb your mental peace and cause you trouble πŸ₯Ί

Take a deep breathe and just let go

Live freely 🌊

They might not deserve this..

But you do!

Do it for yourself and live peacefully 🌸

Replace that part of your heart with more warmth and love πŸ’•



Get ❀

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