Books, My thoughts

A letter to books ðŸ“š

My dear book!

I just wanted to read a story 🧐

But you’re reaching my heart like a dangerous mine ⛏

Swaying me in your melody 🎼

You’re making me dream even in the day time 💭

My entire day is filled with anticipation of your next move 🤔

In my dreams I find myself in the narrator’s character of the play 👧

You let me live different lives, you let me dance and groove 💃

To escape happily into another world of charms today 💖

I don’t think I said this before but I wanna let you know 🎤

You’re my favourite, my dreaming partner and you’re my friend 💁‍♀️📚

How magical would it be if I could really let you know 😍

That you take me to another world and that’s how I love to bring my day to an end ❤

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