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A book journey πŸ“–

A novel tells us a story.

A story of someone that happened somewhere, sometime ago

Or the story imagined by someone and created fictionally.

It may be emotional, romantic, thriller, tragedy, science fiction or any other genre.

But it’s mostly a story the author wants to share with us.

Then what is it about a book that makes us glued to it? What is it that demands more and more of our time and all of our attention? What is it that keeps hopping around in our mind constantly about the book that we are currently reading?

It’s not just the story, it’s more.

It’s about the experience that it takes you through.

We cry with them, we laugh with them. We fear with them and feel excited with them. Because for a moment, we forget that it’s a story and We start living the story.

Yes, reading a book is living a different life.

It may be of a 11 year old kid, of an old man, a teenage girl or a boy in his 20’s. It may be anyone’s life that we are going to live for the next few days.

Every word gets printed in the back of our mind. Every page brings in more excitement and adventures. Every lesson learnt by the narrator is learnt by us too.

Their little sister becomes ours. We start feeling possesive about their pet dog. Their enemy boils up our blood too! Their dreams are now our dreams too.. Because their story becomes a part of our life story.

A book is not just a book.

It’s a personal film created by us in our mind in the way we perceived every single detail of the book.

You can stay at home, curled up in your bed, under your blanket and travel to a completely different world!

It’s a beautiful escape from this world, It’s a surreal experience of another world.

It’s all an illusion. Yet, It is all very real..

The journey πŸ‘£ a book takes us through! ❀

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6 thoughts on “A book journey πŸ“–”

    1. Yes! They are like those gadgets where we can become lost in another world for a while..
      Thankyou for suggesting me some very interesting books πŸ™ƒ

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