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What have we come to?

What have we come to?

  • From happily playing outdoor games to playing only video games..
  • From having junk food occasionally to having healthy food occasionally..

What have we come to?

  • From helping grandparents to making fun of them..
  • From listening their experiences as bed time stories to sleeping by listening music and by chatting..

What have we come to?

  • From clicking a picture as a memory to clicking them for uploading a story..
  • From planning how to enjoy our day to planning to post our entire day to seem as fun even if it was not..

What have we come to?

  • From sleeping in mom’s lap to sending her a text or selfie being in the next room..
  • From living and experiencing life to running after temporary illusions as if they are our life..

What have we come to?

I am not against any technology or social media. They are undoubtedly a part of all the wonders created by mankind.

But beyond limit, anything is dangerous. It is purely in our hands if we want it to be a boon or bane in our life.

In recent times, social media has become the life of many kids and also few adults.

Rather than time-pass, it has become more of a time killing affair due to highly abnormal use of gadgets and internet.

We do connect with faaaar away people but forget to respond to those right next to us. When a person is in trouble, people click pictures and shoot videos first, and then think of helping them up.

Our happiness should never depend upon the amount of likes on such media but on our self love and confidence. Our real worth is not in the so called likes and shares on internet but in the number of real friends present around us when we need them.

I don’t mean to say that social media or gadgets are something we should be totally away from,

I just mean

Click a picture through camera, but after you’ve captured the beautiful moment in your eyes forever.

Make new friends and communicate but never miss to have fun with and give importance to the ones around you.

Do not get so lost in the virtual world that you start living your life for this virtual world and forget living in the real world.

These are just a part of life.

Real life lies outside all this stuff, where you actually start LIVING life for YOURSELF, on your own terms and for your loved ones❤

In the absence of looking at all the real life around us, are we anything less than zombies 😴??

What have we come to?

LIVE…!!🖤 Don’t just exist.

11 thoughts on “What have we come to?”

  1. You can’t imagine how much I relate to this!
    Social networks push on the same buttons as addictions: lack of inner balance. We all need recognition and find it hard to face our flaws, the made up life of social media offers us an opportunity to appear “flawless”. This doesn’t change our reality but only our perception of ourselves. Sadly this IS changing the way we interact with each other though…
    I think balance is the key 🤗🤗

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    1. When we were kids, we did not have so many facilities to distract us I guess 🤔 We had the previlege of happily spending our childhood with loved ones around us and living in reality

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  2. I don’t disagree with you in principle, but how much of this do you think is looking through the eyes of nostalgia? I have a feeling the people from 1940 said the same when cable TV, computers and home video game came along. I’m sure the ones from 1900 said that when, late in their life there was a radio in every home and you didn’t have to take a ship to get to another continent. And, ironically, the kids of today will say the same thing in whatever context fits for the next generation. Our generation was no better than the one before or after us…but at least we don’t have the ego to call ourselves The Greatest Generation.

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    1. Hello! I do agree with what you said about the generations, but I mentioned about playing outdoor, sleeping in mom’s lap which did not mean to indicate any particular generation. I meant to convey that we need to really experience life rather than just pretending to experience it to the world. I agree that it depicts an impact of nostalgia, but having a radio or having to travel long distances is an advancement with no harm. Technology is never a problem when utilized in the right way. I also mentioned that it is in our hands if we make it a bane or boon for ourselves. However it is a fact that in recent times we have also seen people dying by getting too much involved in these gadgets. That is not the fault of gadgets but of us humans. Things might become worser in future but we need to have self-control and clarity regarding their place in our life. If used appropriately, there would’nt be a problem with them, whatever the generation may be. I believe I conveyed the same in my post. Thank you for stopping by and giving your feedback 🙂

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  3. Completely agree with this my friend. It would be a whole new world if we just take a step back and focus on people and small things more than we focus on the gadgets.

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